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Feb 05

Mission and Relief Cargo to Africa

By sowmedia | Blog


In movement of the mission and relief cargo shipments there are various challenges faced by the shipper who mostly are located in the cargo country of origin.  Most of the challenges faced are much attributed to geographical knowledge of the cargo destination; documentation processes with the customs and the government at destination which have proved to be more cumbersome. Adding to this is finding a trusted and reliable service provider to ensure the smooth flow of your cargo.

Most cargo in some instances have ended up in the local market instead of the intended final destination. In some cases, the shippers have been lured by very low-priced rates, which eventually become much expensive once the cargo arrives at the port of discharge and documents handed over. The providers come up with other hidden charges which initially were not part of the initial offered rate.

At Africa Shipping Logistics, we understand these challenges faced by many shippers and have strived to ensure that our clients do not have to worry about their cargo while on transit. This type of cargo requires efficiency and effectiveness in delivery without hindrance of the smooth flow of cargo while on transit to the final destination.

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We arrange and plan for the cargo movement from your door step to the final destination, thus leaving you free of the headaches and worries of your cargo.

Our qualified and experience personnel, ensures that your cargo is processed through customs from the port loading, discharge and border points without much delay. We also provide you with a direct contact person to ensure that you are updated on the cargo movement while on transit.

Our executive will always make a follow up with you as we begin the arrangement and planning of your cargo from your country of origin. We also offer free advice and consultancy on the movement of your cargo.

For Booking of space for your Mission, Relief or Humanitarian assistance cargo shipments please get in touch with us! You can call us on +31(0)10 476 0241 or send your request to info@africashippinglogistics.com

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