Shipping to Rwanda

We offer cost effective, reliable and secured export cargo services to all major cities and towns in Rwanda.

Though the nation is landlocked it has access to the sea either via Port of Mombasa in Kenya or Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. The ports are served by 4 major shipping lines which are in our network.

Working with our most trusted agents in Kigali and either our  Mombasa or Dar Es Salaam office, coordinates Shipment Cargo clearance  through Customs and border entry points and facilitates  timely delivery of cargo to the final destination. We ensure that our clients are always kept abreast of their export cargo position while on transit. We also in consultation with our clients arrange for cargo insurance, cargo safety is our priority.

For Booking of space for your Export Cargo Shipments please get in touch with us, you can visit our Sailing Schedule to get your appropriate shipment date.