Changes on Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (Ectn) For Congo

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Apr 10

Brazzaville | April 09, 2015

GuotThe implementation of “GUOT” (Guichet Unique des Opérations Transfrontaliéres)  process has taken effect. This process has seen the introduction of the T.I number to effect the validation of the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) for all cargo destined to Republic of Congo (Congo Brazzaville).

The process which came into force latest last year (November 2014) required that for a shipper to obtain the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN) in French “Besc”, the consignee(s)/ importer(s)  and his transitaire (forwarder) at pointe-noire should be registered at the GUOT (Guichet unique des operations transfrontalieres) in Congo.

In the past, the consignees/ importers and their transitaires were applying for an importation request or authorization directly from the Commerce department to allow them get the ECTN (Besc) at the port of loading.

Now, this process becomes electronic via the GUOT system. The consignee/importer or his transitaire once registered in Guot system can validate all commercial operation (importation) to obtain the T.I number. The T.I number is compulsory for the validation of the besc (ECTN).


Shippers are supposed to notify their consignees/ importers in Congo to register with the GUOT in order to obtain a T.I number which shall appear on the ECTN each time they want to export cargo to Congo via Pointe Noire or other ports of entry.

Heavy fines shall be imposed by the Congolese authorities in event the shipper/consignee fails to comply with these new procedures.

Procedure to get T.I Number for ECTN validation

  1.  The supplier/Shipper abroad or at Port of loading sends a commercial invoice to the consignee/importer in Congo;
  2.  With the commercial invoice, the consignee/importer in Congo or his transitaire registers and opens a file in the Guot system to obtain the T.I number.
  3.  Once the consignee/importer in Congo acquires the T.I number he sends it to the supplier/Shipper abroad or at Port of loading.
  4.  With the T.I number, Africa Shipping Logistics acting on the supplier/Shipper’s instructions applies and validates the ECTN to be indicated on the BL.

Africa Shipping Logistics is fully compliant to issue out ECTN for all your shipments destined to Republic of Congo. Please get in touch with us on +31 10 476 02 41 or email us:

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