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Nov 14

LCLIn enhancement of our service as we look to meet the needs of our clients, We @AFRICA  SHIPPING  LOGISTICS have re-introduced the GROUPAGE CARGO service

This service will enable most of our clients who cannot fill a full container load be able to send their individual cargo at more reasonable price. The service will begin with the hauling of a 20 or 40 FT (foot) size container depending with the availability of cargo.

This will be a monthly service from the Netherlands to Kenya in East Africa. We are also looking at encompassing the whole of East Africa for this service. All logistics mechanism and planning are in place to ensure the smooth flow of the cargo from the client’s address in The Netherlands to the address in East Africa.

As we continue to ensure the satisfaction of our client’s we shall embrace the door to door concept. This will see our client’s being free from the hustle and tussle of thinking and worrying about the cargo clearance at the port of Mombasa and delivery.

The service is scheduled to begin in Early January 2014, which shall see the first container being shipped out.

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